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New Coffees Now Available!

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

We are so excited to announce that we have expanded our single origin coffee offerings! They were each chosen with a lot of thought and care.

We always knew we wanted to offer a coffee from Costa Rica. Besides being known for great coffee, Costa Rica has been part of our coffee journey from the beginning. We honeymooned in Guanacaste where we toured our first coffee farm. There we learned how the entire process worked from seed to cup, as well as a brief insight into the experience of a coffee farmer. Our Costa Rica offering comes from the mountainous region of Chirripó. With it’s naturally darker, bitter flavor, we like to roast it lighter to mellow out those notes.

We’ll always have a special place for Burundi coffee as it was the first variety we sold at Innerloop. Our new Burundi selection comes from the Gakenke Central Washing Station in the region of Kayanza. This region in Africa is a growing favorite for the coffee community. It’s a sweet coffee that isn’t as flowery or fruity as most African coffees tend to be, making it a popular choice among people who enjoy traditional coffee flavor profiles.

Colombia Coffee Farm
Photo credit: Paisa Coffee

Our third and possibly most important coffee is a variety from a single farm in Colombia, sourced from Paisa Coffee, roasted dark to bring out the vanilla and caramel notes. Paisa Coffee is a woman-owned import business that works directly with small coffee farms in Antioquia, offering specialty coffee to the U.S. Since we started building Innerloop, one of our goals was to work directly with farms so we knew exactly where our beans were sourced, shortening the supply chain. Our partnership with the farmers and producers goes directly to them, helping to make a difference in their communities. The more we can highlight the farmers, the more we can highlight what makes coffee great.

We’re so excited for you to taste our new coffees! Which selection do you want to try first?

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