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Our Latest Coffees!

Guys. We can’t believe it’s already the start of summer! We’re so excited that the weather has warmed up and everything is in bloom, despite our constant sneezing. We won’t get into cicadas.

With the change in season, we wanted to let you know about some new, single origin coffee offerings we have available.

Coffee workers spreading our coffee beans to dry
Workers at the Dusangirijambo coffee wet mill turn the coffee on the drying tables to ensure even drying. Source: Sweet Maria's

Burundi is one of our favorite coffee regions, so we’re excited to bring a variety back! They grow a sweet, balanced coffee without tasting too fruity or floral like the popular Ethiopian coffees. This is a great coffee for people looking for a more traditional tasting coffee.

Tasting notes: Crisp apple, raisin, Darjeeling tea

Roasted to medium

Regions: Mururi hillin Sogestal Kayanza, northern Burundi

Ethiopia is the country most people associate with coffee in Africa. Its coffees are known to have more fruity and floral notes, and this coffee variety is wonderfully fruit-forward, giving off a peach, lemon acidity with hints of brown sugar. It’s a great coffee to drink without milk.

Tasting notes: Brown sugar with peach, lemon acidity

Roasted to medium-light

Region: Hambala, part of the Guji Zone

Coffee farmer in Costa Rica
Coffee farmer, Roger Hidalgo, outside of his micro mill in Santa Maria de Dota. Source: Sweet Maria's

The yellow honey in the name refers to the washing process, when the natural sticky, sugary substance (known as mucilage) is not fully removed from the seed. It’s then set out to dry in the sun. This Costa Rican variety offers the best of what the country is known for in their coffees — hints of chocolate — and it can be enjoyed with or without milk.

Tasting notes: Light brown sugar, chocolate, black currant

Roasted to light

Region: Santa Maria de Dota, Tarrazu

Is there a coffee variety you love that you’d like us to offer? Let us know!

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