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Hi, we’re Inner Loop, a micro roastery

Updated: May 4, 2021

Thanks for stopping by!

Owners and Co-Founders of Innerloop Coffee Roasters
Owners, Gregory & Megan, of Innerloop Coffee Roasters

In case you haven’t met us yet, we’re Gregory and Megan—a husband and wife team based out of Falls Church, VA. You could probably already guess that we’ve been dreaming of owning our own coffee business for years.

A little more about us

About ten years ago, we moved to New York City where locally-owned coffee shops are everywhere. We loved going all around the city to taste what they had to offer. When we’d travel to other cities (like Toronto, Ireland and Portland), we’d map out our own personal coffee tour—and get a caffeine buzz in the process. (This was the part of the trip Gregory showed the most enthusiasm for planning.)

We also took some of our engagement photos in a coffee shop—obviously, we chose Gregory’s Coffee as the location—and toured a coffee farm during our honeymoon in Costa Rica.

You get the idea. We love everything about coffee.

Fast forward a few more years... We moved back to Falls Church and started taking steps—call it a quarter-life crisis—toward making our business a reality: working as a barista at Mom & Pop, taking a roasting class at Vigilante and finally, purchasing our own small roaster.

What does Innerloop mean?

If you live in the DMV, you know about the inner and outer loops of the Capital Beltway and the horrible traffic that comes with it. But, for us, it symbolizes our home and where we started to build our business.

Perhaps just as important as coffee roasters, the term "inner loop" also ties to the best coffee-growing regions across the globe, which are located at the equator, a global inner loop.

How Innerloop Coffee Roasters works

At the moment, we are currently 100% online, but we are working with some pretty great partners to hopefully have a few pop-ups in the future.

We’re currently roasting one bean variety at a time in either light, medium or dark roast.

Check out our shop for the most current one. As we grow, we plan on offering more options for you to choose from. Roasting happens every Sunday and Wednesday, so orders will be shipped or delivered within 1-3 business days following the closest roasting day to ensure maximum freshness. We're currently offering free delivery to the follow towns in the DMV: Alexandria, Annandale, Arlington, Bethesda, Burke, Fairfax, Falls Church, McLean, Merrifield, Oakton, Reston, Springfield, Tysons, Vienna and Washington D.C.

coffee roasting

When you place an order, we ask if you’d like whole or ground beans. If ground, let us know which brewing system you’ll be using to make your coffee. Most people either do not own a coffee grinder at home or have a blade grinder which only has one setting. This is to help ensure we’re providing you with the best possible product to make a fantastic cup of coffee at home because different brewing methods—french press, drip coffee, pour-over/Chemex, espresso machine, cold brew—all require distinct grind levels. We know, it’s a lot. But we’re here to help make this as easy as possible while also giving you a little more insight into why.

More than coffee roasters

Not only do we want to provide high quality roasted coffee, but we also want to make coffee approachable. People have told us before that they get overwhelmed or intimidated by the number of options when selecting a coffee or roast (case in point—see above re: grind levels). You may not know what some terms mean. Or you may not use “anything fancy” to brew your coffee. That’s OK. You do you. If you’re interested, we’re here to help make it less intimidating and more enjoyable—whatever that looks like for you. If you have questions, we’ll do our best to answer them. After all, we’re constantly learning, too.

We welcome your constructive thoughts and feedback, so please feel free to reach out to us!

We look forward to sharing our delicious coffee with you and becoming your favorite micro-roastery!

- Megan & Greg

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